The Rocking Roadrunners bass drumhead The Rocking Roadrunners...
The WLOF bumper stickerWLOF Radio's Van-Band Promotions

    WLOF , being the number one radio station in the Orlando market, was constantly involved in store and product promotions of one sort or another. The station would provide a live broadcast from the businessman's location, and would bring the WLOF van and a live band to perform.

       After having won the Central Florida Battle of the Bands , The Rocking Roadrunners were a frequent addition to these van-band outings.

      Here are a couple of photo's from one of those engagements, at Woody's Hair Styling Salon in Orlando. Unfortunately, the band portion of the show was rained out, as is evident by the rain-soaked look of The Roadrunners in these photos.

Dave with WLOF personality Dick Shane and two of the Woody's Salon hair stylists
Dave Morris,
Roadrunner's bass player
WLOF's Dick Shane ,
alias Dick Camnitz

wait inside the Woody's Salon , hoping for a break in the weather.
Charlie sits under a Woody's salon hair dryer
Roadrunner Charlie Lytle takes a different tact, and tries out one of the Woody's Salon hairdryers. by Susan Martin-Rott
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