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WLOF's Johnny Gee, Peter Jay, & Sir Arthur Knight with Roadrunners Russ & Dave onstage at the first 7 Eleven ICEE party       The Southland Corporation , operators of the 7 Eleven chain is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. When the company deceided to test market a new confection drink made with chopped ice, they could think of no better place than in their own backyard. And who to better promote the new product than the number one radio station in the market, WLOF. Thus began the successful marketing of the Icee drink.

     WLOF would place a flat-bed semi trailer in the parking lot of a 7 Eleven store, and broadcast live for two hours, with a live band and the WLOF personalities providing the entertainment. Each week a different 7 Eleven store would be selected as the site of the event, but the crowd was always the samer. Filling the parking lot and spilling out into the surrounding streets, the Icee Party proved to be a huge success for The Southland Corporation.

      This photo is from the first Icee Party and was held at the 7 Eleven store in the Sky Lake section of Orlando. Although the bands were always paid scale wages, the loss in income was more than made up for in the promotion value brought about by the event.
l to r: Johnny Gee,with mad scientists Peter Jay & Sir Art from WLOF
Russ Hamilton and Dave Morris of
The Rocking Roadrunners
The Slurp Song 45 record       ...and remember that the Southland Corporation even went as far as producing a song for their new confectionary favorite. The Slurp Song made its national debut on Channel 95 , but I don't recall any of the local bands picking up the tune and covering it on any of their releases. But here is that '45', The Slurp Song.
...take a look at Sir Arthur Knight