The Rocking Roadrunners bass drumhead The Rocking Roadrunners


WLOF Radio

The WLOF bumper stickerAfter winning the Central Florida Battle of the Bands, hosted by WLOF Radio in Orlando, Florida, The Rocking Roadrunners began to perform at live broadcasts of WLOF special events. These broadcasts were called van-band events by the radio staff, because they involved the use of the WLOF van, and a performance by a live band broadcast over the radio stations coverage area. It was great exposure for The Roadrunners , and resulted in the band being booked for over a year in advance. That made it nice for planning on gear purchases to further compliment the band's appearance.

   Here's a photo of the guys fooling around the WLOF van in the parking lot of the Ivey's Department Store in Winter Park, Florida, just before a van-band event. The Roadrunners check the WLOF-Channel 95 van

And, here's a few more candid photos of the guys from that day...

Russ gets ready in the Ivey's parking lot prior to the showSteve makes final preparations to starting the live broadcast
lead guitar

Dave unpacks the Vox amplifier, and displays the WLOF License Plate Dave at the WLOQ control board during a hard morning's work
...and by the way,
Dave worked for WLOF's sister station
WLOQ FM 103.1 in Winter Park

Russ with his Epiphone guitarAnd, of course, no pictures of an event would be complete without showing one of the lead guitar player with his axe.

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