The Rocking Roadrunners

In the Criteria Studios...

...recording Go Away / My Window

     Once in the studio, The Roadrunners get down to business setting up the equipment for the beginning of the session. In this photo, drummer Steve Grier has his Ludwig kit set-up and is making last-minute adjustments as recording engineer Lee Hazen selects the microphones to be used.

          Facing the camera is Rocking Roadrunners manager Mike Stone. While serving as the manager of another great Central-Florida group from the 60's, The Nightcrawlers , he had arranged for The Roadrunners to be the second band in an appearance at the City Island Recreation Center in Daytona Beach, Florida where he had booked The Nightcrawlers . Mike was so impressed with the group at that appearance, that he asked to represent The Roadrunners for booking engagements. Shortly thereafter, Mike contacted long-time friend Lee Hazen about arranging for TheRoadrunners to get some studio time at Criteria where Lee was a session engineer. And thus, the ground-work for the first record was laid.
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