The Rocking Roadrunners

The Montgomery Ward Talented Teen Contest
...Daytona Beach & Orlando, Florida Winners !

The Roadrunners on stage at the Montgomery Ward Talented Teen Contest in Orlando, Fl
l to r: Steve Grier, Charlie Lytle, Russ Hamilton & Dave Morris .
     In late 1965, The Roadrunners become contestants, and enter The Talented Teen Contest , sponsored by The Montgomery Ward Company. Entering the Daytona Beach, Florida area contest,the group takes first place and is advanced to the regional finals to be held in Orlando.
      This photo shows The Rocking Roadrunners onstage at that event. At this time the group is still a four piece band, not having yet added the keyboards man, Jack Lander.

Charlie takes center-stage at the Montgomery Ward contest The Roadrunners also win this regional contest and are invited to the National finals to be held in Chicago. Unable to meet the travel requirements of the contest, The Roadrunners opt to end their contest run with this win.
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