The Rocking Roadrunners

The Mamas & The Papas Show

May 1966

The Rocking Roadrunners are asked by WLOF Radio to appear on the bill with The Mamas & The Papas for two shows held at the Orlando-Seminole Jai Alai Fronton in May of 1966.The Roadrunners take the stage just prior to The Mamas & The Papas and perform a 30-minute set.
The Roadrunners on stage at 'The Mama's & Papa's Show

      When leaving the stage after the first show, bassist Dave Morris is caught in the middle of the crowd, as the lane used by artists exiting the stage area becomes overrun by fans of the show. Dave is more concerned with protecting the Hofner bass guitar than himself. Here is what he recollects from that moment.
"Suddenly a hand appeared out of the crowd and grabbed me by the back of the collar and literally snatched me out of the melee. Then I was surrounded by three large policemen who pushed me through the crowd to the backstage area. I had my guitar pressed against my chest to protect it from the crowd, grabbing at anything they could. I got a little taste of what the popular musicians have to go through. It can get a little scary."

     Here's keyboards man Jack Lander doing his part during the show. Jack, who went by the nickname Ace , used the Farfisa electronic organ for this show, although less than a year later, he would switch to the Hammond B-3 organ, with Leslie speaker cabinet.

     Jack would use the larger, and more versitile B-3 with it's whirling speaker sounds when the group expanded the amount of music of The Young Rascals in their set list.

Jack 'Ace' Lander, the fifth Roadrunner, and the keyboards man

      Bass guitar player Dave Morris and rhythm guitarist Charlie Lytle harmonize during the performance. Most of the group's selections were songs by the so called British Invasion groups, with a healthy mixture of another great VOX band, Paul Revere & the Raiders. Dave & Charlie vocalize during 'The Mama's & Papa's Show'

Dave, Russ & Steve on-stage
     And finally, here's Dave Morris and Russ Hamilton, along with drummer Steve Grier during the performance.

      It was not uncommon for the group's members to lose over six pounds during a nightly performance. Of course, this was water loss due to the perspiration lost during a show, and was quickly regained with the consumption of fluids afterwards. It also played havoc on a groups stagewear, which resulted in The Roadrunners changing from suits, to these lighter weight jackets, and white jeans for summer-time events.

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