The Rocking Roadrunners bass drumhead THE ROCKING ROADRUNNERS

In the Criteria Studios...

...recording Go Away / My Window

Lee Hazen, recording engineer for two of 'The Roadrunners' three records, at the console of 'The Criteria Studios' board.       Sitting behind the console ready to spin the tapes is recording engineer Lee Hazen. For this session, Lee provided all the technical experience for The Roadrunners .

      This was not Lees' first experience with a Mike Stone managed group. Lee had been the recording engineer for The Nightcrawler's recording of "Little Black Egg" which was actually recorded in Lees' first personal recording studio, The Cottage. Lee paid a whopping $30 a month to rent the Cottage, but he sure got some great sounds out of it.

      The second recording effort by The Roadrunners was also engineered by Lee . Get the info on that recording by checking out the link to
"King of the Jungle".

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