The Rocking Roadrunners bass drumhead THE ROCKING ROADRUNNERS

...Jack "Ace" Lander

...the fifth ROADRUNNER

     In early 1966, The Roadrunners expanded to a five piece group, adding keyboards man Jack Lander. Joining the group in the spring of 1966 gave Jack time to add a whole new perspective to The Roadrunner's sound. This made it possible for the band to perform several songs at The Mamas and The Papas concert in May that featured the Farfisa organ sound of the new Roadrunner.

      A local boy to the Orlando area, Jack was a product of Edgewater High School , and was working a part-time job at a local music store. Unfortunately for The Roadrunners , the music store didn't carry a wide range of guitar and amplifier equipment, but aimed more for the home organ market. In this photo, Jack can be seen using his keyboards talent to demonstrate a home organ in the showroom of the music store. For those interested, Jack was working for McKinney Music in Winter Park, Florida.

Here's Jack, hard at work in the McKinney Music showroom

Jack in West Virginia, during the trip for the 'King of the Jungle' recording session in Cincinnatti, Ohio      Jack began growing out his hair just after joining The Rocking Roadrunners , and when the group went to Ohio for their second recording studio encounter, the image of a successful rock musician had fully befallen Jack .

      Here's a photo of Jack sitting in the living room of Dave Morris' grandparents home in West Virginia just prior to playing one the local dances that featured The Roadrunners to help pay for their recording trip.

     Jack made the trip to West Virginia in a car with drummer Steve Grier and rhythm guitarist Charlie Lytle, while bass guitarist Dave Morris , lead guitarist Russ Hamilton, and roadie Larry Holloway took a more scenic route through the nations capital in another car.

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