The Rocking Roadrunners bass drumhead THE ROCKING ROADRUNNERS their first incarnation... The Showmen

Russ Hamilton, Dave Edwards and Dave Morris at The Deland Youth Center in Deland, Fl      In the early fall on 1964, rhythm guitar player Charlie Lytle made a telephone call to a soon-to-be bassist Dave Morris , inquiring if he wanted to join a band. Prior to this moment, Dave's only previous experience as a musician was in the Seminole High School Band , where Dave had played the cornet for four years. While in the high school band, Dave had befriended a Sousaphone player by the name of Dave Jenkins. It was through this source that Charlie had gotten his name.

      Following his graduation from high school in 1964, Dave would spend time at friend Dave Jenkins home. It was during this period that Dave Jenkins got his first Kay acoustic guitar, followed shortly thereafter by an electric bass. Jenkins asked his friend Dave Morris to play along on the bass, while he strummed the 6 string acoustic. It was tough at first, but with Jenkins' tutoring, and pointing out where to place his hands on the fret board, Morris began to grasp the bass technique.

      It was just fate that Charlie would approach Dave Jenkins and ask if he knew any bass players that wanted to join a band. Apparently, bass players were hard to come by, because after just a couple of weeks of following along with Jenkins , Dave found himself saying yes to Charlie's query, and The Rocking Roadrunners were one step closer to becoming a reality.

      Here are two photos of one of the first appearances of the new group. Taking the name The Showmen , the band accepted a job performing at a youth club in nearby Deland, Florida. For the total sum of $ 20.00 the new four piece group began their climb up the music ladder in Central Florida.

      Despite all the hard work that led to success for The Roadrunners , success would prove far more attainable for the high school band Sousaphone player who led Dave into rock music. Dave Jenkins went on to play in several bands in the Central Florida area before packing up and heading to San Francisco, where he eventually became the lead singer and lead guitar player of Pablo Cruise . Now, thats success !

Dave vocalizes at the Deland Youth Center in 1964
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