The Rocking Roadrunners

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...DeLand High School

    The Roadrunners began to gain a lot of popularity in Central Florida throughout 1965. In the mid 60's Florida law prohibited a musician under the age of 21 from playing in an establishment that served alcoholic beverages. Thus, The Roadrunners were left to perform only at venue's where teenagers could enter. This meant bookings were harder to get during the school year, when teen clubs were only opened on the weekends nights.

The Roadrunners in the fall of 1965 at Deland High School, Deland Fl        This proved to be more of a blessing to The Roadrunners than a problem. Because of their rapidly increasing popularity, and the scarcity of performance dates available in a week, the group found themselves being booked for months in advance. Managers of clubs, and activities chairmen for teen clubs found it difficult contracting he group's services if they didn't make arrangements well in advance of an appearance. Before the end of 1966, The Roadrunners would find themselves booked more than one year in advance.

       One of the favorite venues for The Roadrunners to perform was in Deland, Florida. This small city in Volusia County was home to Stetson University where The Roadrunners began performing for fraternity and sorority parties. There were also several teen clubs in Deland, as was the site of this photo from 1965, Deland High School.
      Lead Guitarist RussHamilton and rhythm guitarist Charlie Lytle were both students at Deland High School during 1965, and their on-campus visibility was instrumental in the groups first bookings at the school. It was however crowd approval that brought the group back time and time again.

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