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The WLOF bumper stickerWLOF Radio's
Secret Agent 95

    WLOF Secret Agent 95 was all over Orlando in the late '60's, and it was all due to Channel 95 .

     WLOF came up with a brilliant advertising ploy in the late sixties. We really don't know who was the culprit who thought up this idea, but we're sure it was hashed out in the weekly announcers meeting. Usually held in mid-afternoon during the week, the meeting was the sounding board for all of the on-air personalities at Central Florida's number 1 rated rock station. The jocks were present to give their input on the direction the station was taking, and how to keep that coveted number 1 ranking. It was from these meetings that many of the famous and infamous ploys hatched by the WLOF team came to light.

      One such idea was Secret Agent 95. Basically the idea was a simple one. Produce thousands of small bumper stickers with the phrase The WLOF Secret Agent 95 was here, hand them out at WLOF functions, and prompt the listening audience to plaster them all over Central Florida. And, boy did it work. Soon Secret Agent 95 stickers were covering bumpers, car windows, stop signs, light posts, business store fronts, guitars, police cars, and even the buildings and vehicles used by WLOF's competition radio stations.

      The beauty of the entire plan was that WLOF could not be held liable for what the listening audience did with their stickers. It was truly a mastermind promotion that made the WLOF logo prominent throughout Central Florida to those that had never listened to the station.

      Our hats off to the entireWLOF crew for a brilliant job of promotion on this one. So, once again, here it is...
           Secret Agent 95.

The Secret Agent 95 promotional sticker
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