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Let's Start a Band...
The Showmen, the first Roadrunner band The Rocking Roadrunners began as a four piece group in the late summer of 1964, forming under the name The Showmen. Shown here in their first picture as a group are Russ Hamilton on lead guitar , Dave Morris on bass, Dave Edwards on drums, and Charlie Lytle on rhythm guitar. Originally performing at Friday night skating parties at the Melodee Skating Rink in Sanford, Florida, the group consisted of five members. When the guys left the skating rink to pursue other venues, the original drummer was relaced by Dave Edwards. The original keyboards man, Chuck Best left the group at that time to continue working for his father at the skating rink. Chuck went on to later fame as the owner and trainer of the talented water-skiing squirrel "Twiggy". ( Don't remember her? Click on her name for a reminder glimpse. )
A short while later, and after changing drummers for a second time, the group reformed, selecting a new name, The Rocking Roadrunners , and began practice sessions in the carport of new drummer Steve Grier.
The back line wasn't too impressive in those days, consisting of a couple of Sears Silvertone Twin Reverb amps, one Gibson amp, and a new set of Ludwigs, with silver pearl finish, for the new drummer.
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