The Rocking Roadrunners bass drumhead The Rocking Roadrunners

          and      WLOF    Channel 95's Pat O'Day
     Pat O'Day, also known as Jerry Thompson in the real world, was the morning man on the number 1 top-forty radio station in Central Florida, WLOF, Channel 95. WLOF morning man Pat O'Day, in the famous WLOF red blazer

Jerry was also the most intense practical joker at WLOF, the unseen man behind many of the pranks pulled on competitor radio stations, and the on-air personality who probably spent the most time on his creative efforts at the station.

He was definately more than a mere disc jockey, for Jerry would venture beyond the microphone to express himself. After writing a few songs of his own, he approached The Rocking Roadrunners to record one of his compositions,Urban Meadows , the one that would be considered their best effort by many critics.