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"King of the Jungle"

the second recording...

'King of the Jungle' 45 record

      The Rocking Roadrunners' second recording effort was "King of the Jungle". Penned and sung by bassist Dave Morris, the record was again produced by engineer Lee Hazen, but this time was recorded in the studios of King Records in Cincinnati Ohio.

      To help finance the trip to the Cincinnati studio, the group staged two dances in New Cumberland, West Virginia, the hometown of Morris' grandparents. To help publicize the events, the group took copies of their first recording "Go Away" to the local top-40 radio station in nearby Weirton, West Virginia. There the station production director liked the group's record enough to give it plenty of air play, and free advertisement for The Roadrunners two appearances at the Community Center in New Cumberland. Also, the station provided their night time DJ as emcee for the appearances, and live broadcasts during the course of the dances, further promoting the event. The Roadrunners also appeared at one of the radio stations live on-air dance parties, held weekly at a Weirton,West Virginia country club, and performed a 30 minute set that was also broadcast live.

       Once again to save on expenses, The Roadrunners overnight it in the apartment of engineer Lee Hazen, and arrive at the King Recording Studios just after seven in the morning. The King Records studio facility was somewhat older than the Criteria Studios that the group had worked in for their first recording; but, to their surprise, The Roadrunners found the equipment of James Brown still set up in the studio, from the R & B stars previous days session.
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