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GO AWAY...the first recording


Go Away
...was recorded in May of 1966 at the Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida. At that time the Criteria studios were being mostly used by The Jackie Gleason Orchestra, while the television star was broadcasting his CBS Jackie Gleason Show from Miami Beach.

      The session began early in the morning, and was completed in the evening around 9:00 PM. Recording was done on a then state of the art 3 track recorder, with vocals added in
Click on the picture to hear the 45 record, 'Go Away'after the music tracks were laid down. Amplifiers were individually miked, with drums being recorded from behind sound baffles , utilizing several microphones.

      Also on hand in the studio was Mike Stone , the manager for The Roadrunners at that time, and the man responsible for arranging the necessary studio time with the engineer for the session, Lee Hazen.
      The group's second recording effort King of the Jungle was also engineered by Lee. Earlier, in 1965, Lee had been the engineer for the original recording of The Nightcrawlers classic Little Black Egg.

      Following the recording session, 1,000 copies of the recording were pressed and distributed throughout Central Florida in record stores, and sold at the groups appearances. Record sales and radio requests for Go Away caused the record to creep into the Top 40 lists of Radio Station WLOF, the number one top forty station in Central Florida.
CLICK on the 45 record to hear Go Away, then check out the WLOF radio playlists below.

Funderful Forty Hit List from WLOF Funderful Forty Hit List from WLOF Funderful Forty Hit List from WLOF
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