The Rocking Roadrunners


      As The Rocking Roadrunners began to gain name recognition in the Florida area, it became more important for them to portray the image of a successful band.  Since bassist Dave Morris had already purchased the VOX AC-100 for bass, the group's
The Roadrunners at the 'Lion's Den' in Deland Fl, with VOX equipment from Music Mart in Orlando Fllead guitarist Russ Hamilton also opted for the VOX   line, and purchased his VOX AC-100. Russ later traded in his AC-100 for the new transistorized version of the VOX AC-100, then being manufactured in Sepulveda, California by the Thomas Organ Company, and called the VOX SUPER BEATLE.

     Shortly before Russ' first AC-100 purchase the VOX distributor in Orlando, Florida, Cec Gullickson's Music Mart, approached the band about having a publicity still taken for posting on the wall of the music store. This is the photo that was taken for that purpose. Surprisingly, the photo came out pretty well, even though it was taken with a small Kodak Instamatic camera. This photo was also used by the Bee-Jay Booking Agency in Winter Park, Florida to incorporate into their portfolio of available talent.

In the Spring of 1966, The Roadrunners take on a fifth member, adding the sound of keyboards through the magical fingers of Jack Lander . Joing the group just prior to the concert with The Mamas and The Papas in May, Jack's keyboards sound gave the group the latitude needed to perform a wider variety of material.
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Dave, Russ & Steve onstage at the Orlando-Seminole Jai-Alai Fronton, for the 'Mama's & Papa's Show'   Also in 1966...
THE ROCKING ROADRUNNERS perform 2 shows with THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS at the Orlando-Seminole Jai-Alai Fronton in Orlando.
      Here's a nice photo of the HOFNER 500/1 and GRETSCH Tennessean , and a great back-line of VOX AC-100's used by the band.

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