Late 1965 saw The Rocking Roadrunners increasing their booking calendar, and included this late December appearance at The Voyager Motel in Daytona Beach, Florida. Here, outside The Voyager are rhythm guitarist Charlie Lytle and lead guitar player Russ Hamilton giving The Voyager a little thumbs-up publicity. The band was booked for the evening for a private party held in one of the reception rooms in the motel.
Charlie & Russ outside the Voyager Motel

    Where's a roadie when you need one?
Dave cleans up the bass after The Voyager gig       Bass guitar player Dave Morris shows that it's not all fun in the music business, in this slightly out-of-focus photo. After the gig, everyone else runs off homeward while the band sits back and knocks the dust off the equipment and wipes down the guitars before beginning the arduous task of packing up the gear. It isn't any wonder that successful groups have roadies to handle those tasks. That wasn't true forThe Roadrunners in December of 1965, but the group would soon have their own equipment trailer and two road managers to handle their set-up chores.

The Roadrunners equipment backline in 1965      The equipment set-up for The Roadrunners still wasn't too impressive in December of 1965. Although bassist Dave Morris had setteled on the VOX AC-100 as his choice for amplifier, lead guitarist Russ Hamilton was using a Fender Twin-Reverb , while rhythm guitarist Charlie Lytle preferred the sound of Gibson amplification.

      Drummer Steve Grier was just beginning to build his set of Ludwig drums. Steve's abilities on the drums were so great that the band would always have at least one song a night where Steve would take-off on an impressive drum solo.

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